~ Working with a VA during COVID-19 ~

With so much uncertainty going on in the world right now, it's easy to become concerned with your business and how to keep things running when you have so much to do.

The benefit of working with a VA in these uncertain times, means that your business can continue to function for the foreseeable future.

Perhaps the thought of hiring someone new right now when you’d likely have to set them up at home with extra equipment and ensure their workplace is safe doesn’t sound like good timing?

Or perhaps you don’t have enough work to start someone full time right now?

A great solution for the short term is a VA, who already works remotely. We have a fully functioning office set up, and as we already work from home, the chances of getting sick are reduced. The thing about a VA is that you pay for time on task only. "I do those tasks you need done but you don’t pay for me sitting around doing nothing for the rest of the day."

When things start to return back to normal and you want someone full time, then go for it!

That’s what it is like working with a VA…flexibility it what we are all about!

I know that you need to focus your energies on keeping your clients/customers reassured and also taking the time to be with your family. This is important right now.

I am a small business too ~ I know what you need to do to keep things ticking over. Don't get stuck on the admin when you can delegate it.

Reach out to me by email nina@eaworld.com.au or visit my website.

Stay safe, look after those you love and be kind to others.

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