Business Plan
Business Support

Business Support

When you need someone to take care of things while you can focus on your business. Let us take care of the back end while you drive the front:

  • Business Administration

  • Email/Scheduling Management

  • Travel & Accommodation Bookings

  • Meeting Planning & Coordination

  • Recruitment Support (induction process and performance reviews)

  • Accounts Support

  • Expense Management

  • Facilities Management

  • Report Formatting, Editing & Proofing

  • Customer Service Support

  • Warm Lead Generation



Don't know where to start? 

Let us help you. 

The most common reason why businesses come to us for help is because they don't know what they need. Let Sunflower Business Support do the thinking for you. 

Our team have expertise in many aspects of a business. We are able to do a full audit on how your business works right now, provide feedback of what can be improved and then show you how by implementing the changes approved by you. 

Not only will your employees and stakeholders benefit, so will you. This process leaves you with MORE TIME to expand and grow your business. Leave the logistics to our highly experienced team members. 

Step By Step Process of a business audit:

🌻 Our team will thoroughly go through and investigate current processes, policies and procedures

🌻 Shadow your employees and interview stakeholders to ascertain what works and what needs improving and get their feedback first hand

🌻 Finally we will present you a final report outlining our findings, suggested improvements and implementations