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Why Sunflowers?

Let me share with you something interesting...

Sunflowers turn according to the position of the sun, in other words they "chase the light".

It is said that on a cloudy day when the sun is covered, the flowers turn to each other to share their energy.

We all seek the light in many ways: our family, religion, work and friends.

But there are always cloudy days, always days where we need the support of others. This also resonates in BUSINESS.

Now I know this is not scientifically true, but what a nice thought. 

Let the team at Sunflower Business Support be there for you when you are feeling overwhelmed and overworked. Just like the sunflowers,  we have a team and we turn to each other for support. We focus on sharing our energy and skills with our clients to support them in the way they need. 

My name is Nina and I am the owner of Sunflower Business Support. With over 25 years industry experience as an EA, Event Manager, Board Administrator and more, I can help you with just about anything in your business. 

I thrive on supporting businesses reach their potential, helping them behind the scenes to build a solid foundation in order for them to grow. 

Contact me today to discuss your needs and let me help ease your workload! 


Some awards I have received for my work:

- 2019 Winner - Best Organised Event (Executive PA Awards)

- 2018 Runner up - Best Organised Event (Executive PA Awards)

- 2013 Winner - Best Organised Event (Executive PA Awards)

I also had the pleasure of speaking at conferences like:

- Inspire Ex

- MEA Reboot

- Intrepid Learning 

- Page Personnel (Panel Speaker)

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